About the Forum

The Women’s Health Forum, established in 2009,  is a place where women can learn not only HOW to take charge of their own health, but WHY they need to.

In depth information on a variety of health topics is presented by doctors, authors, chefs, pharmacists and other highly qualified presenters.

Topics Include: Nutrition,  Hormones,  Thyroid,  Holistic Living, Cooking,  Toxins,  Weight Management,  Thermography,  Cancer Prevention,  Stress Management,  Yoga, Essential Oils,  Emotional Health and Well-Being, Raw Food,  Organic Meat and Dairy,  Detoxifying your Life, Cholesterol,  Safe Cosmetics ,  Organic Gardening and more.  Each Forum covers a range of different topics.  Go to SCHEDULE to see the topics that will be covered at the upcoming forum.


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